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What is FP&A and Why You Should Care

As a startup, you may not be ready to implement an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution to use in[…]
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7 Payroll Processing Tips to Keep You Out of Hot Water

Payroll processing may seem like an elementary task to the untrained eye, when in fact, it is a complex set of[…]
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Employee vs. Contractor Question

Many startups choose to hire independent contractors instead of employees for certain jobs. Though this has always[…]
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Productivity Inquiry for Startups: DIY or Outsource Non-Essential Tasks?

The official job description of a CEO includes developing and executing a strategic plan to lead the company[…]
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How a CEO’s Laser Focus Resulted in 1,519% Company Growth Over 3 Years

Startup CEOs are frequently spread thin by trying to involve themselves in every aspect of the business. While[…]
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5 Common Accounting Mistakes You May Need to Fix Now

Starting a small business is loaded with exciting aspects like creative design, brainstorming ideas, and drafting[…]
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Keeping Up With Domestic Partner Benefits Post-DOMA

As more states begin to repeal bans on same-sex marriage, the uncertain issue of the future for domestic[…]
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Thorny HR Compliance Concerns for Startups: Hiring, Pay and Benefits, Oh My

The last several years has seen a surge in innovation and venture funding for startups. Last year alone, a[…]
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Audit Ready? Five Steps to Avoiding IRS Nightmares

On average, 1% of all taxpayers  or over 1 million Americans will face an audit. The more income you earn, the[…]
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