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Doing your own bookkeeping: Is it worth it?

Often starting on a shoestring budget, startup founders and small business owners are tempted with the idea of[…]
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Head off a post-pandemic employee mass exodus with these 5 retention strategies

The specter of mass employee turnover is now looming over businesses. Economists report a significant increase in[…]
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5 ways to tame the email monster and get a grip on your inbox

Nothing feels much worse than starting your work day with an out-of-control inbox.
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How to know when it's time to pivot your business model, and how to do it

Small businesses were among the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 100,000 small U.S. firms were[…]
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U.S. startups showed the strongest growth in Black communities during the pandemic

A sizable jump in the number of U.S. startups during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the strongest among Black[…]
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How to breathe life back into your remote meetings

The forced transition to remote working has been taxing for businesses and employees alike. But the strain has[…]
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PPP runs dry for small businesses, but thousands of applicants were left in the lurch

The unthinkable happened for some small business owners hoping to participate in the second round of the Paycheck[…]
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A new survey of business economists predicts the best growth in nearly 40 years

A May 2021 outlook report from the National Association for Business Economics, based on a May 7-13 survey, finds[…]
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In a bid to stand out, some companies speed up the pace of environmental, social and governance initiatives

The idea of responsible investing started in the 18th century as religious groups began discouraging investments[…]
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Ex-Harvard Business School dean: Venture buyouts provide the funding internal startups demand

With digitalization all the rage, companies are expending vast amounts of energy and money to stay in the game.[…]
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