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How to Respond to Employee Activism

The demand for social and economic change is growing, especially among the millennial generation. Leaders who try[…]
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Should you focus on personal branding in addition to business branding?

Personal branding is how you present your unique combination of skills, achievements and expertise to others.[…]
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How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn is commonly thought of as a platform for individual networking, but did you know that it also has several[…]
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How to Pivot When Your Startup Gets Negative Feedback

When you get an idea for a startup, you might eagerly share it with others in hopes that they will love it as much[…]
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Top Podcasts that Share Advice for Startups

Podcasts are an ideal medium for busy startup founders and entrepreneurs to keep up with new developments and stay[…]
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10 New Kickstarter Projects that Beat Their Funding Goals

Global entrepreneurs turn to the Kickstarter platform to crowdfund their projects. Creators decide on a funding[…]
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Should Your Startup Take Money from Anyone Who Offers?

Choosing the right investor can mean the difference between success and failure for entrepreneurs. It is therefore[…]
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12 Steps to App Development for Your Business

Many entrepreneurs seek to gain a competitive edge by creating a proprietary app for their business. An app can[…]
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Founder Spotlight: How Marc Benioff Did it

Marc Benioff is the founder, chairman, and CEO of customer relationship management (CRM) software giant and[…]
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How Much Money Do You Need to Launch a Startup?

The money any entrepreneur needs to launch a startup varies by their business type. However, you'll need enough[…]
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